“Once upon a time, there was a girl who talked to the moon. She was mysterious and she was perfect, in that way that girls who talk to moons are.”

By the time I saw “Stephanie Perkins in Manila” I couldn’t simply decipher what my feelings were, my happiness was running all over me that I smiled so much my jaw started to hurt. It’s weird how unceasingly do I always feel such, but I guess I just can’t stop myself from overflowing bliss that aaaah *insert scream emoji here* So, this was the poster I perceived lately:


This month Jenny Han came ( see my recent blog post on a lil narrative about this awesome event )  and in a few weeks Ms. Stephanie Perkins! This is just stupefying, national bookstore & powerbooks can seriously be my happy bank with all the authors they bring here in the Philippines. I am so excited for the future authors to come *fingers crossed on John Green and all those full of swag authors*, but first let me focus on this event and it’s details plus the answers to the questions you might have in mind: 


When and Where will her book signing be held?

If you can’t read the poster above due to it’s blurry state it’s on July 5, 1:00 pm, at National Book Store or

SM Cebu 
July 6, 2:00 pm, at National Book Store, Glorietta 1

When will the registration be?

Registration opens at 10 am, I suggest you come earlier though trust me it would be so much better! Camp out if you want, you might just get announced as early bird and it’s just gonna be so worth it.

Is there a registration fee?

YES 10000000 pesos, just kidding it’s Free! As long as you have the books then no problem sweetie! :*

How many books can you have signed?

I guess it just really depends, if you’re early then probably there wouldn’t be a limit, but as it goes for a longer span they limit it to or 4 or 3 i don’t really know. Ps: Books are a MUST to be bought at NBS or Powerbooks or any Bestsellers, they will be checking for the tag price or the receipt when you bought the books.

How much are the books?

Anna and the French Kiss (Trade Paperback – P349) 
Lola and the Boy Next Door (Trade Paperback – P349) 
Isla and the Happily Ever After (will be released in August 14)

That’s just about it, I am so so excited to actually get to meet her, either the public book signing in Glorietta or the bloggers forum in Powerbooks ( if ever I get invited, huhu ) so stay tuned for my blog post on this guaranteed one of the bests book signings yay <3


Jenny Han in Manila


MEET SOME OF THE HANNY BADGERS! *insert the fangirling slash happy slash excited slash oh my god is this real scream*

( PS got this picture from a fellow book blogger so credits to you dear! ) 

So yesterday June 21, 2014 I met THE ( Yes THE ) Jenny Han, the author of the best selling “The Summer I turned Pretty” series and the recent ‘TATBILB’ people here in Manila refer to it that way since it’s quite long which gives me quite a laugh, but for your benefit it’s “To all The boys I’ve loved before” which has a sequel which is “Ps I still Love you” which is coming out this 2015 ( lets pretend that it’s sometime soon, I know the waiting can kill so lets just pack our imaginative heads and be excited about it ) 

Here in the Philippines people tend to go hardcore when it comes to book signings which involves camping out of the bookstore at 1 am in the morning even if registration starts at 10 am, I know we just seem so devoted. Even if I was in it to camp out, my mom wouldn’t give me the permission so instead I came there at 6 am and came along with my friend Bambi, and this huge line welcomed me that even went beyond the bookstore premises. Voila! (Ps I got this picture from @nbsalert)


( this actually reached till the far out streets like restaurants and all that )

The earliest people who came camped out since 10 pm and wow they were so lucky since they got advance reading copies of “Ashes to Ashes” I can’t even explain how jealous I am, but i’m happy for them. After hours and hours of waiting we finally registered and I was number 98 I guess that wasn’t much of a bad thing since the last time I went to a signing I was 589 and I think it tested my patience BIG TIME. Hooray for book signing passes!



I was so so excited to meet such an amazing author ( Happens all the time ) that I feel this weird feeling in  my chest and like i just don’t know, its craaazy. Then out of the blue, this girl came up to me and told me she wanted to interview me since I was an “avid reader of Jenny Hans books” so it was crazy the cameras and all, to even believe it was just me out of the thousands she chose. She asked me about my opinions of the book, lessons, and favorite quotes. It was on the spot questions but I guess I enjoy public speaking so it wasn’t all that bad besides I was beside Jenny so OH MY GOD? Yay this was when I finally got my book signed and had a little talk with her: 


( she even personalized my books! )

No words can explain how happy and lucky I feel to have been present in such a wonderful event, all thanks to National Bookstore and Powerbooks for making all of this happen! Also to ETC and Sweep Card for making me feel extra special, plus the staff who were so considerate in giving me freebies! Seriously something I would never forget! Hehe oh, and meet my book bud who came with me to this event, Bambi! 



Sorry if I haven’t been posting much since I’ve been quite busy with school, but I’ll try and keep y’all updated all the time!

NY Times Best Selling Author Stephanie Perkins coming soon sometime this July! Stay tuned for the blog post!

3 SIGNED books giveaway!







* insert happy dance here *Image


Yes, you’ve got it right! I’m sharing these babies through my first ever giveaway!

I can’t believe I’m finally doing my first ever giveaway which will be three signed books all by the great, Tahereh Mafi! I mean these books are amazing and I got these signed about a month ago. So excited for you all, and yes there will be only ONE winner ( so sorry, I’m still a newbie, but don’t worry there will be more soon! ) and yes anyone has a chance to win these since this giveaway works worldwide, wherever you are! ( Mars? Jupiter? Neptune? Why not!)

So the rules are simple:

1) If you haven’t yet, follow me, or if you don’t have wordpress subscribe via email ( i’ll be checking )
2) Reblog this post to spread awareness
3) Like this post plus 2 random ones on my blog
4)  Comment on this post ( or more too, yay!)

That’s it you ask? Yes cause it’s  easy to win and Well it’s that simple!

Winner will be announced by the time I reach 260 blog followers, but if it would take too long it will end June 25! Yay! Good luck everyone. Thank you to everyone too who has been so nice. PS: Choosing of winner will be through random.org so it wouldn’t be a cheat. Also, for you guys to be extra excited, here is the sneak peak of the signed books, that maybe, you, my dear reader will have in your hands. Mwah! 


Ootd: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

First ever ootd I’ll be posting which is actually inspired by a book. I just thought on doing this since I was bored out of my mind, and also for a contest entry to win GC’s to buy more books. Really now, you’re probably thinking “books books books” what even? but yeah that’s right, life is so much better with books by your side, yes? This ootd is inspired slash “copied” from the book: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. ( To see my Book Review about this amazing-yet-creepy-cover book scroll down below ) As you see I tried copying the “levitating girl” originally on the cover of this book, yet it isn’t so exact, BUT I tried! Yet again, this book isn’t horror since you would actually think it is when you look at it from the cover.It’s real awesome sauce in there. 

Now if you wanna see the original cover of this book then scroll down to see my book review on this as it displays the original cover, so here is what I came up with: ( i’m not so good with photoshop, so it wasn’t ‘clipped’ “professionally”, yet again I tried!) 



I had a good laugh doing this, since it was a crazy idea, but I had so much fun! I guess i’d do more of this stuff again real soon. So, here is me just trying to goof off and model around, yes with the book. ( okay you’re welcome for making it normal and not creepy )



*Yay it’s in color too!*

Yet again, this is such a good read! Wearing such to a book signing for Ransom Riggs can even get you noticed by him, and to spice things up another thing is adding like a rope tied to further add effect on “the levitating girl.” Share your ideas! Favorite quote from Ransom? Thoughts on the book? Anything! Don’t hesitate ;-) 

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Book Review

4.7 out of 5 stars

“Sometimes you meet a person and it’s love at first sight. Heart pounding, you run, you follow, and just like that you’re in love and realize that he’s the one….” – anonymous



(don’t you just love the colorful cover? )

“The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” obviously from the title talks about love that happens at first meets, adding the possibility of this bounding to a free flowing relationship or sadly, plain nothing. It’s a story of going beyond the limits of love and the boundaries of acceptance to one anothers differences, and just like that, it might just lead to a happy ending. 

Book Review and Thoughts:

Sometimes in our lives, we bump into certain people who gives us a certain spark, a feeling of joy, a feeling of desire, and – a feeling of plain love. Then you know for sure that you have a certain feeling for this person, you stare the whole time, you tend to follow this person alot, and you blushed occasionally. Turning it around, this is what 17 year old Hadley Sullivan felt that very moment – love at first sight. 

That very day wasn’t supposed to be the best day of Hadley’s life, in fact it started of as one of those you can consider horrid type of days due to not only missing her flight, but also having the great possibilities of being late to her Father’s second wedding with her soon to be stepmother who she never even met. Clearly that day couldn’t get any better for her, for one thing she didn’t want to go to this wedding the fact that her mom would probably be crying disturbs her, but because she was persuaded she had to go anyway and show her love and support for her dad. Worries kept attacking her head, and her heart kept rapidly beating. She was feeling uneasy and to keep herself distracted from such thoughts she then tries to appreciate where she was – The JFK airport., her death chamber, one of the places she never enjoyed, but she never knew this would be the place she would meet her love, Oliver, he’s British, and he’s sitting on her row, and soon, they meet. It wasn’t unrequited love, they both had feelings for each other, simply it was called love at first sight.

The plane ride passes in the blink of an eye as Hadley and Oliver make the most out of the time they have together. They talked about almost everything from where they were bound to go to the studies Oliver was doing that Hadley couldn’t comprehend. Upon arrival, Hadley and Oliver lose track of each other in the airport chaos. Will fate bring them back together? or will that be their last moment together? ( sorry no spoiling :P

“Set over a little 24 hours of being together this is a novel about family, second chances, and first loves..”

I really really love this book! The ending was great too. I have no words for it. I didn’t give it a perfect because some things need improvement, but yet again wow, I ended this book smiling cause it felt complete unlike some books that end and you’re like “wait thats it?” We get to feel the emotions of the characters which is great! To end, here’s something for you guys: At the end we find out what Oliver is actually studying about and you’ll be surprised what it is. Such a great read! 



(( Photo credits to google images)) 

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Book Review

Rating for this book would totally be 4.8 out of 5 stars 

Before anything else, for the sake of those people who are unaware of this book, well here is what it looks like: ( yes, it looks creepy, like why would I even buy a book that has a cover that’s creepy as hell, but guys it’s not much of horror, it’s mystery and discovery plus the chills the book gives you. Well it’s amazing okay ) –  Voila!



Book Review & Thoughts:

We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing in them becomes too high..” – Ransom Riggs; author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children

When we were all young we were all told stories, our heart pounding, head going beyond every single imaginative detail, we believed in the existence of princesses, frog that turns to prince, the tooth fairy, unicorns, fairy god parents ( for girls), superheroes, immortality, and many more, but as soon as we grow up we tend to see that those aren’t reality and are just tales. This is what Jacob, the main character of this story started it all, as a kid, his grandfather told him stories about levitating kids, people with invisible heads, and monsters even having photographs to clearly put evidence to what he is saying. He believed everything as a kid, yet again as he grew he just saw those stories as lies and made up things formulated by his grandfathers imagination. He thought his grandfather was psycho still believing in such things that are make believe. 

Until… His grandfather gets killed by a monster in the woods he has seen with his both eyes

Due to what Jacob has been experiencing like deadly nightmares he went to professionals, and decided to finally put things to rest by finding the answer to his grandfather’s last words which was “to find the bird in the loop.”  This involved finding and trying to see if all the things his grandfather has told him was true. He journeys to the woods……. and he sees something that changed his life forever.

I find this book really really good, I was attached to it since the start. This book is the type that gets you right when you start reading the first chapter and not needing to push your patience to read the book. ( believe me i’ve read some books that needed MAJOR PATIENCE ) Ransom’s descriptive writing actually paved the way to make such a wonderful book with a free flowing story. Emotions kept filling me in as I read each word, and I guess that’s an effect of a good book. I believe that if you’re looking for mystery, thriller, and YA books then you should totes get this. A story of love and discovery: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Here is a sneak peak of one of the many pictures found in the book:

ImageOh and lastly, I forgot to mention that this book has a second book which is called Hollow City! ( It’s already out and yet again it has such craaaazy covers! ) 


Ps: I met Ransom lats month in a book signing and he said that Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will be a movie, and also that there will be a last and final book after Hollow City Yay! 


Maybe One Day Book Review

4.5 out of 5 stars!!

“In the midst of all downers here on earth, a friend is your constant                                                    turn away to make you feel perpetual bliss…”

beautiful cover yay

beautiful cover yay


Review and thoughts:

Maybe One Day was a book that emphasized what true friends really do for each other. Olivia and Zoe were an example of inseparable best friends, from dancing ballet, to life challenges, they stuck together at all times. Until Olivia gets sick acquiring a sickness that can kill in a prior notice, Leukaemia, yes I tried ignoring the ‘c’ word as it is such a depressant, but okay yes it’s cancer.  Zoe goes to school and tries to survive months without Olivia, trying to get rid of the negative mindset of her best friend passing away. From blood platelets to bone marrow transplant to a new drug with deadly side effects on your heart to no-more-we-can-do. Friendship is tested. I dare not spoil  the whole story as of you who might be reading  this is still planning to read the book! 

Reading the back I sensed it would be a sad tragedy supported by my thoughts that augmented my eagerness to start reading the book like is-she-gonna-live? 

In the story I always got a sense of déjà vu when it came to Zoe and her never ending love for Olivia going through her sometimes scary parents to make-sure-your-hands-are clean scenarios and how she always clinged to the fact that soon everything would go back to how it was when this sickness hadn’t attacked her best friend.  It roots to my uncountable set of friends who were always there for me indeed.

Admist the sickness Olivia was experiencing she still tried to do something totally amazing for Zoe, and as of for Zoe even if she turned her back on dancing because of Olivia she was starting to love it right again.

A story full of hope, the value of true friendship. A story that fills your heart with joy and tears. A must read story indeed.

*first few chapters*





*ending* HEAVY BREATHING SIGH SIGH *puts down book with satisfaction*