KEIventures: ETC’s PLL Viewing Party

“Got a secret can you keep it, swear this one you’ll save better lock it in your pocket taking this one to the grave.”

10401526_1127594357254605_8842845018681640938_nIf you guys know me, you’d be sure that I fancy and endear Pretty little liars so much – in fact it has been a part of me for so long it even seems protracted. Bleating & chortling at many ways I always find my way back to this show no matter how zonked I am, it just brings me the comical yet thrilling idea of pure bliss. After I heard about ETC’s PLL Viewing Party I was sure I had to go, I did all I could and it looked like i was born under a lucky star –  I was invited.

We were welcomed by the beautiful people of ETC – they were oh so lovely. As the doors to the event opened, a smile started to form on my face as I looked around, the vibe of the PLL Army has given me pure excitement. All the posters, and the standees – ugh, breathtaking.

There were donuts (Hey, Krispy Kreme) some drinks, and fun games! With my luck, we were asked to participate in the Trivia game, and I guess this was where my inner PLL fan outburst from me and my friends. I was enlivened – yet at times I was brought by my nervousness that even if I knew the answer I’d stand there hesitating. The easy round went by like a rocket and we didn’t get any questions properly – except when the other team answered incorrectly I knew it was my chance. It escalated quickly and I answered pretty much a handful of stunning questions – hath the fate of us winning! Here’s what I got: – some shirts, ETC notepad, a cute lunchbox, and my favorite – a PLL poster, not to mention that I won the raffle too – an overnight stay at the Picasso.


(Meet my PLL Viewing Party Buddies – Me, Trisha, & Gia)

I could say that this has been one of my monthly highlights, Pretty Little Liars was my roller coaster ride for how many years now – I have been a fan of the book series even before the show happened so I can call myself an intense fan and thanks to ETC  I have loved the show even more more so through this wonderful private viewing party they organized. It ended with us watching the latest episode all together – simply pleasing.

I would like to thank ETC Channel for making this event happen and for inviting me to this wonderful event of theirs. Want to experience something as fun as this? Continue watching ETC, follow them on twitter; @etc_channel for updates. Here’s an overview of the event as shown on Television: Watch the PLL Party, Click here

Same Sex Marriage – What do I think about it?

[DISCLAIMER] Equality & Human Rights – how love & intimacy has no limitations. The modernized world has come with it’s juncture to withold without further notice actions that push same-sex marriage, with the support of some states, the famous hashtag #LoveWins, had been widespread all over the globe from people changing their DP’s on Facebook in rainbow scheme, to Twitter icons with colorful hearts at every corner. As a 14 year old and being part of the youth – I consider myself demented by issues that linger around me that I have come to enable myself to read about such a matter. Should this be legalized or not? That is the question. chick-fil-a-faces-gay-marriage-backlash-on-twitter-facebook-9e8c1c65da

Inequity in society today are one of the monumental factors that move people who are for this issue to fight for their stand. Shrewd reasons like how same sex marriage brings equal rights between same sex couples to have the same benefits enjoyed by heterosexual couples. I mean, yes I get it, they are people too and they deserve to be treated that way just like everyone else – however don’t get me wrong, but isn’t marriage an institution made between a man and a woman just like God created it to be? Think about this yourself.

Before, you go and name me more of your points on why it should be legalized, I know too that yes, Marriage is a human right, and second same sex marriage is said to be a Civil Right – but on the other hand too, don’t you think that allowing this to withold can weaken too the institution of marriage today? Marriage is held in churches, held before God up his altar, where a man professes his love for a woman, I mean since Grade school we have learned how God created Man for Woman, and they were meant for each other, so what marriage may they be pertaining too if the church isn’t for this issue?Does that mean they will be holding their own marriages?  – Gay Marriage is contrary to the word of God and incompatible with the beliefs of the church.

Many people say that why judge when we have never seen it work am I right? How couples may even work better with same-sex relationships more than what we have gone to be used to. But what if this violates natural  law – denying a child a father and a mother – think about this what will the child have? Two mothers? Two fathers? What will happen in the future? This will affect alot of things, if you reader, think it’s just “Oh here I am fighting for gay rights” it’s more than what you think it is – it’s more on turning what is MORAL WRONG to be a civil right. Though, I know that equality is the key to unbounded love, sometimes I dare question, what is the point to all this? What are we all trying to even prove?

Most of all, what hit me was how this may be offending God. YES, I know that it’s God who taught us how to love, it’s God who taught us equality and accepting everyone for who they are, but “Marriage is not the creature of any State. Rather, it was established by God in Paradise for our first parents, Adam and Eve.” This is the story we all know, and please, don’t go against this. download

I know that I’m just young (and foolish) please don’t hate on me cause all I’m saying here is MY OPINION. Alot of people now, are changing up their icons to rainbows and all that especially the youth, but here I am telling you that there’s more to changing your icon, there’s more to just plain equality. This is a serious issue that must be well thought of and taking sides doesn’t go by what people tell you to do, or what your friends choose, it is about YOU, what YOU think. This issue isn’t just for the LGBT – but it’s for all of us, our future and our choices say alot. How about you, what do YOU think? Go & share this post, and make people know more about their actions, because remember, small things count. How about you, what is your stand?

PS: I respect all of your opinions, please don’t go personal and no harsh words or comments, or else they will be removed. Thank you!

In the Blood of the Greeks Book Review

If there is one of those books that gets to me, it would be books that involve WWII, I mean it is too foreseen-ed that my favorite books come from this genre, from Anne Frank’s Diary to Annexed, this book has left me hooked right from page one.


“Zoe Lambros is a young Greek girl who has lost her family, and her childhood, to the madness of war. Devastated by her mother’s brutal murder at the hands of the German commander, Zoe’s faith in God has been shattered. Her one goal in her miserable existence is to kill as many Germans as she can, including the German Commander’s daughter, Eva Muller.Eva Muller hides a tortured past, and a secret that, if revealed, would lead to her certain death. Despite this, Eva chooses to defy her father and work with the village priest, helping Jews escape German occupied Larissa.But Eva cannot do this alone. She needs help. Eva and Zoe are brought together by the village priest, though they hate one another. They help the Jews and forge a friendship, despite the risks, where one mistake could cost them their lives.”


I would rate this book a 4.5 over 5 stars

Aside from the idea that the storyline was molded upon the pieces of history, it was a channeling teleport to the comical yet realistic state of people under the shade of World War II.  Having the two main characters, Zoe & Eva show us what it’s like to feel lost, to be angry- shoddy, gallious, and more so to love, be loved, and to feel love despite mishaps.

This book must probably be one of the most unique yet crazily intersting books I have ever read, it was a great start to the series, and I can’t think of anything, but reading more onto the story. With Zoe, and her anger issues after losing everything she has, I was moved to see things from her view, though it was hard to fathom the grave possibilities behind this, but I’m sure it comes by. Eva too, got me to the point of awe, working to liberate the Jews, and there I was left with no words, thel love channeled and all, it was breathtaking – amazing beyond words could even explain.

Yes, LGBT and all, but hey, think about it, this book has brought us what it’s like to love. To have someone by your side to care for you, to accept you when no one ever did. This book, is clearly a must read, it awakens us to reality and the comical idea of the existence of love hath violence. What are you waiting for, this book has moved me, I know it will move you too! Read on!

I would like to thank the author, Ms. Mary D. Brooks, for sending me a copy of her wonderful book in exchange of my honest review. All the love for her, the creator of this amazingly jaw dropping, heart drenching, emotion driving narrative.

****: The Anatomy of Melancholy Book Review

“A smile is just the contortion of a face.” I quote the author of this book Matthew Selwyn, as he channels the rather compelling message of his novel to his readers. Thrilling – and straight up to the real world, this book opens our eyes to the modernized world, and hath the gallious acts and shoddy demeanor of technology. 


“Reality is overrated. Sex, love, power, life: it’s gone digital. Why settle for a girlfriend with cellulite? Why spend every day working a dead-end job? These are the new days, the infinite days: plug in, get connected. Life is porn, porn is life, don’t accept anything less than the electric light show that is our digital reality. At the end of every computer screen, a mind is being formed on the material coughed up by the web that connects us all: this is the story of one of the internet’s children, told from his own warped perspective. This is the millennial generation, the Y generation: we’re horny, lonely, afraid, and self-confident. This is our story, our reality.”


I would rate this book a 3 over 5 stars

Aside from the wonderful eye catching cover, this book has been a channeling teleport to the comical idea of technology – the digital age and how the menacing fact lingers through. I mean, nowadays reality must really be tiring – all the drama, and all the vapid commotions that fly by like a rocket, and this book just got me. From the start until the end, and I ended up reading it in just one day.

Love, drugs, violence, and more so affection hath elaborated a daunting and thrilling narrative by the speaker of the story. At some point, I come and question his intentions, but I guess he is just a victim of a sullen kind of reality. What I loved the most about the book was the sense of discovery at the end of the book.

A comment would be the addition of chapters, I mean i think it would be better if the story was divided into chapters, and also this book isn’t for the young, but let me say that it is a good read! ( I would like to thank the author, Matthew Selwyn for sending me a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review) What are you waiting for, read on! x