To Have and To Hold Book Review

There are just those books that gets you right at the first page, and this is what this book made me feel –


I would rate this book 4.5 over 5 stars


“April 23, 1994. The date is set. Colin MacLann is getting married. Growing up in the suburbs of New York City at a time when kids could still be kids and sometimes were for too long, Colin looked like he had it all: he was smart, athletic, had a voice for rock ‘n’ roll, and lots of luck. There were girlfriends too, five of them: Cindy, Haley, Cara, Monique and Tessa. Each of them burst into his life at different times to inspire him in their own unique way, and more often than not, broke his heart too. Still, fate has chosen one of them to be his soul mate. Will Colin grow up in time to earn a place at the altar beside her? Or must destiny deliver someone else? In To Have and To Hold, Trae Stratton takes the reader on a rare journey. By writing almost exclusively from the point of view of the groom and his family, a simple love story turns into an endearing family saga anchored to Colin’s relationships. Through the deft use of flashbacks, the reader grows up with Colin just before the digital age in a time and place when your neighborhood could still be your whole world. As the hour of his wedding draws near, the witty dialogue keeps the plot moving at a crisp pace, while slyly preserving the identity of the bride until the final chapter. Whether you enjoy mysteries, happy endings or both, the MacLann family will work their way into your heart for a long time to come.”

I have no words on how robust this book is. The book is a story in the point of view of the second son Colin, as he comes and reflects on his past before his marriage. Memories start wheeling through his head, laughs, smiles, and even the idea of falling in love emerges. That love that made him the Colin Mclann he is that very day.

I guess what made this a great read is the witty way the story was told, emotions get to you each page and you just stop and smile on how amazing this book is. You see, Colin has 5 girlfriends and what made this more astounding was how he marries one of them. Each chapter gives up a clue, and you find out who the bride is at the end of the book. It was hard to bring myself into a halt, and because of my longing to find who the lucky one is, I read the book in a day and a half with short breaks. It has such a captivating plot that gave me a rush of emotions.

A wonderful tale of friendship, true loves, and family. Truly a great read. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to journey with the McLanns? Grab your copy now!

I would like to thank Trae Stratton for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review. Your trust means alot to me and I’m looking forward to more amazing reads from you! 

Books through Post: Book Mail!

Mystery, Love, and Science.

About a month ago, I have been conversing with alot of authors, and I have requested for review copies that I will be reviewing and posting on my blog. It’s been over 25+ days, and finally 3 books have arrived, from different parts of the world: New York, Belgium, and Norway. The thrill was indeed lofty.


Basically I didn’t get these straight on my doorstep, I had to claim it on my nearest post office. It was jocular what I went through to claim them and thinking about it makes me laugh, an adventure! It was under the scorching heat that I set off and took a tricycle which was great, then a jeepney, with my luck it wasn’t as packed as they always are. It was a great ride, except the sweat that starts trickling down on my forehead, and I arrive at the post office looking like a red exhausted tomato. (Fun Fact: I barely ride tricycles and jeeps. It was probably the second time I did this in my life.) Here is what I got –


Embers at Dawn by J.C. Loen


To Have and To Hold by Trae Stratton


Nature’s Confession by J.L. Morin

No words can express how thankful I am for these sublime and brilliant authors who sent me their books. I am so excited to start reading them.


Aren’t they gorgeous? Stay tuned, book reviews on these will be posted real soon! You may email me at: for inquiries.

The Heir Book Review

The announcement of another installment to the selection series left me enlivened. Unforseen by us readers in many ways, Kiera Cass never fails to deliver what her readers want yet alone the cessation we all felt hath the supposedly end through The One. Despite how other people saw this I fancied the idea and wanted to get my hands on the book as soon as possible.

downloadI would rate this book a 3.0 over 5 stars 

I felt that after I read this book, this was a generous enough rate for me due to several reasons, but before that here is the book’s blurb:

“Princess Eadlyn has grown up hearing endless stories about how her mother and father met. Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won the heart of Prince Maxon—and they lived happily ever after. Eadlyn has always found their fairy-tale story romantic, but she has no interest in trying to repeat it. If it were up to her, she’d put off marriage for as long as possible. But a princess’s life is never entirely her own, and Eadlyn can’t escape her very own Selection—no matter how fervently she protests.”

I would describe this as a little kinky- twisted if I may say. After reading the past books, especially The Selection I have marvelled on the many sides of America that I endeared everything about her, she was unique in a top-notch way and spoke to the readers alongside Maxon. Which I guess has affected my view on The Heir, since Eadlyn if I may say is the opposite of her mother.

She has those sides where all she thinks about is herself, it feels a bit of an egocentric attitude. Grouses over almost everyone around her, Josie, Kile, her own family, the palace, the rules, and even the selection. She makes a big fuss about her being the heir and being born 7 minutes earlier than her brother. Which I guess added up to it being a little weary to read.

To add up, her substandard attitude tends to annoy me. Though in the mid part of the book, we see her amend herself after she realizes – just a little her behavior issues. After being vile to the selected, dismissing them harshly and subjecting them to public humiliation. I tend to question any hint of America or Maxon on how she acts, cause it’s clearly beyond what i expected when you say “She isn’t like her parents.” Trust me, this will speak to you.

Compared to The Selection this was less amusing to read, Maxon had more things he did for the selection, parties, reports, and all that which made it an interesting read since it wasn’t predictable, he would meet up with almost every girl and treat them equally. On the other hand, Eadlyn didn’t do much, she felt she was too strong and too high up the mountain. It felt as if she was already Queen.

It was a good read, but it wasn’t perfect and I felt like I expected too much from this book knowing that she is a combination between my two favorite people – America and Maxon. However my intimacy for Kiera still goes all the way despite what I feel against Eadlyn, cause really though?

How about you, what do you think?

Black Wolf Blogger Award

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KEIventures: Project Model

I’ve always loved modelling. Since I was a kid, I have been doing several shoots and was always on for the pictures, that’s when I believed I wanted to be a model as an extra activity. Since then I have been setting off to studios, posing, and working hard to portray what I want, and what my audience wants. Because I’ve grown to be a busy person at my age, shockingly, I have lost time to continue something like this, and now that it’s summer, I was able to relive the moment. Welcome to the studio!

image3 (1)

“Your daughter works well with camera, everything I demand her to do, she gets it in an instant” says my photographer after a fast photoshoot where she screamed the craziest things like “HAHAHA”, “Gigil”, and “Happy.” Despite the burn I feel on my jaws, the pain shooting my eyes due to the lights flashed upon me it all felt worth it. Voila the cutest shots ever plus my mother.

image2 (1)


PS: My fellow blogger has a summer challenge going on so it would be great if you guys would check his blog out and comment your willingness to join on this post, thanks loves!

The Caretaker of Imagination Book Review

Out of the many children book I’ve read since I was little, this must be one of my favorites.

The search for treasure, Pirates, Storytelling, and the  idea of the story? Using your imagination.For some time I’ve been wanting to read this book, not only because of the story, but the rather catchy title. I mean wow, reading a story called “The caretaker of imagination” must be really interesting and I’m sure it gets you right at the start.

Voila – the book cover!


I would rate this book a: 4.0 over 5 stars


“Bored with his real life, John Carroll runs away with his faithful cat in tow seeking adventures vast and amazing. But when he meets a real-life pirate he realizes that there is more to life than he’d ever believed possible – magic is real, and in need of a hero. John must convince the (once fearsome) Captain Simon Peabody to help him find the only person who can save magic from being lost forever: the Caretaker of Imagination.”

It must be a really great book especially for children, it involved food fights, talking animals, and pirates too. A reason why I gave it a 4 over 5 because it gets you from the start of the book, and too is very child friendly that makes them venture in and out the book.

It gave me too a sense of deja vu when my mom would read me story books before I go to bed, since stories like these are a hit wonder. Because I read it at my age, I was able to finish it in one sitting, commentary like word usage, some words children might not understand, but aside that it was a great read – the illustrations captured each idea too. This book brought me to my childhood, an open door to my past and it made me remember, when was the last time I became a kid again and started imagining the most craziest things?

And again, I would like to thank Z.R Southcombe for sending me her book and giving me a chance to review it. I’m excited for the next books I’ll read from her. Remember, you’re never too old to read books as good as this. Pack your bags, are you ready for an adventure?