Black Wolf Blogger Award

Another blogger award, I would like to thank bookishbeotch for nominating me for this Black Wolf Blogger Award. I really love doing tags like these, all my thanks to you for believing in me.


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Well those are simple rules I guess, here goes my search for bloggers! Wohoo!

My Nominees

To those I didn’t nominate i’m terribly sorry though if you want to do this tag slash award feel free to do so. Don’t forget to comment below on your posts on this award.

KEIventures: Project Model

I’ve always loved modelling. Since I was a kid, I have been doing several shoots and was always on for the pictures, that’s when I believed I wanted to be a model as an extra activity. Since then I have been setting off to studios, posing, and working hard to portray what I want, and what my audience wants. Because I’ve grown to be a busy person at my age, shockingly, I have lost time to continue something like this, and now that it’s summer, I was able to relive the moment. Welcome to the studio!

image3 (1)

“Your daughter works well with camera, everything I demand her to do, she gets it in an instant” says my photographer after a fast photoshoot where she screamed the craziest things like “HAHAHA”, “Gigil”, and “Happy.” Despite the burn I feel on my jaws, the pain shooting my eyes due to the lights flashed upon me it all felt worth it. Voila the cutest shots ever plus my mother.

image2 (1)


PS: My fellow blogger has a summer challenge going on so it would be great if you guys would check his blog out and comment your willingness to join on this post, thanks loves!

The Caretaker of Imagination Book Review

Out of the many children book I’ve read since I was little, this must be one of my favorites.

The search for treasure, Pirates, Storytelling, and the  idea of the story? Using your imagination.For some time I’ve been wanting to read this book, not only because of the story, but the rather catchy title. I mean wow, reading a story called “The caretaker of imagination” must be really interesting and I’m sure it gets you right at the start.

Voila – the book cover!


I would rate this book a: 4.0 over 5 stars


“Bored with his real life, John Carroll runs away with his faithful cat in tow seeking adventures vast and amazing. But when he meets a real-life pirate he realizes that there is more to life than he’d ever believed possible – magic is real, and in need of a hero. John must convince the (once fearsome) Captain Simon Peabody to help him find the only person who can save magic from being lost forever: the Caretaker of Imagination.”

It must be a really great book especially for children, it involved food fights, talking animals, and pirates too. A reason why I gave it a 4 over 5 because it gets you from the start of the book, and too is very child friendly that makes them venture in and out the book.

It gave me too a sense of deja vu when my mom would read me story books before I go to bed, since stories like these are a hit wonder. Because I read it at my age, I was able to finish it in one sitting, commentary like word usage, some words children might not understand, but aside that it was a great read – the illustrations captured each idea too. This book brought me to my childhood, an open door to my past and it made me remember, when was the last time I became a kid again and started imagining the most craziest things?

And again, I would like to thank Z.R Southcombe for sending me her book and giving me a chance to review it. I’m excited for the next books I’ll read from her. Remember, you’re never too old to read books as good as this. Pack your bags, are you ready for an adventure?

Creative Blogger Award

This award has been waiting for me for weeks now. I would like to thank for nominating me to do the Creative Blogger Award. I’m really trying to make my blog as creative as possible so thank you, go check her out.


The Rules

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5 Facts:

1. I always submit things on time or earlier. For some reason, it’s just rooted in me. Especially with school work, I like having time to relax so I do things as early as possible.

2. I have a thing for service – youth missions and all that. I just love serving people, in any way possible. Which is why I attend mass at the Feast. He’s Risen! He’s Risen! – Oh I love that song.

3. Books or Clothes, Books.

4. Organized. What everyone calls me. I hate it when things are a mess, my room, my school bag, anything really. I’d be the first one in the clean up session.

5. I aim for perfection. I get sad when things aren’t perfect. I know it isn’t the best attitude, but it pushes me to do better. Learning from mistakes.

My Nominees

Since I would like it to be open to everyone, I am nominating everyone reading this post. I love to hear from all of you, so please do notify me if you have done this award!

KEIventures: A week of pure gaiety

If you would run away somewhere away from home, a place where you find tranquil and bliss, where would you go? This question was something tough, a beach would go into my head where I will see the deep orange sun as it reaches it’s rock bottom, the waves as they dance through my feet, and the slacken feeling of sand as it trickles between your toes. Or plane rides in and out of the Philippines, the idea of being far away was soothing. I wanted adventure. But sometimes it isn’t just about beaches, plane rides, or relaxation, but it’s about Family.

After the consent of being allowed to set off on my own, the thrill has gotten into me. Finally, a week off all by myself with the company of people who I consider my family. Something you should know about my relatives is they welcome you with an embrace, amiable smiles, and a good-natured attitude. One of those places I find my gaiety is in my Tita Wilma’s place, which is a 30 minutes to an hour ride from home.

There I was welcomed by people close to my heart (Tito, Tita, and cousins) I was ecstatic, and so excited to finally grasp my independence in my head it was like, YES!! I’M FREE.THIS IS THE START OF FEELING LEGAL.But it was more than that, I have bosomed more with my cousins and learned how to blend with my surroundings. You see, I am not a morning person, waking up early and eating breakfast isn’t my thing, because I wasn’t fond of the idea of waking up as early I never tried it, to think that waking up early makes you make the most of your day is something I have come to realize. From 11 am to 8 am to 7 am to waking up earlier than them. Achievement Unlocked!

There my life revolved around jackstones, watching movies, going out with my older cousin, and making popol. Was it fun? No, it was more than fun. Walking and taking pictures of things was a great passivity too.


I guess, here I have felt my self worth. With my cousin and Tito who at my down times did their all to make sure I’d get over my melancholy state. Hugging me, telling me it’s gonna be okay. Because I wasn’t able to get a picture with my tito – meet my cousin, who stuck with me and made my stay something memorable, an adventure. Motorcycle and Jeep rides, walking even if she hates it, just for me.

unnamed (1)

Even if I didn’t have that beach sunset, or that sunset seen on a plane ride, or the sunset everyone dreams to see. I have seen a kind of sunset different from all other sunsets – the sunset of being with the people I love.


Here, I have loved, I have smiled, and I have met new people ( Hey Jerem and Tita Sally) and just like the song by One Republic, “I Lived.”

Book Mail #1: The Caretaker of Imagination by Z.R Southcombe


An open door to my past childhood.

Of bedtime stories,

and once upon a times.

It all happened when I found the book, The  Caretaker of Imagination on my doorstep.


Beautiful thing. All the way from New Zealand sent by the wonderful, Z.R Southcombe. It came with a pen, bookmarks, and a sweet message from her. She is a Goodreads author, and I have requested for this review copy which I’ve been waiting so long to receive. ( It wasn’t that long’ I was just overly excited)

And behold the insides of the package –


Doesn’t it look stunning, even the title is so catching it  makes me want to read it. What do you think? Review will be up real fast since it can be read in one sitting. Yay!

Poem of the day

“Love is patient, love is kind.”

“It’s for the weak, the meek, and blind.”

“Love is eternal.”

“It has its faults.”

“Love does not keep a record of wrongs.”

“Love speaks lies.”

“Love is a song.”

“To vow your faith when you know you’re wrong?”

“Love cheats”


“– and you can’t take it back.

“It is illogical, unlike knowledge or fact.”

“Why are you so averted to faith?”

‘To know it’s fake when it’s all too late’

“It’s like you have a heart of stone”

I’d rather be stone than feel so alone.”

“That’s not true.”


“Don’t you see?

“You’re not alone.”


“… you have me.”